Wednesday, August 9, 2017

The criminal punk and cyber-attack dog bpete has claimed that the position of the hand in the Jackson photo is that of making the letter A in sign language. He put up this link which demonstrates it:

These images are from that site. Here are Obama and Trudeau doing it.

And here is Julia Dreyfus, who played Elaine on Seinfeld, doing it.

So, Oswald gets shot in the ribcage, the bullet, at the speed of a bullet, devastating his aorta and his vena cava, which are the largest blood vessels in the body, and also blasting through the superior mesenteric artery, which is a large artery, and also going through the right kidney and spleen, which are both very highly vascular, and even though that just happened to him and the damage was instantaneously done, that his response to it, according to bpete, was to make a tight fist, pressing his thumb to his clenched fingers, and then slapping his arm to his chest. 

How could Oswald do all that after being so critically injured? And why would he do it? When has any abdominal gunshot victim ever done such a thing?

And even though the proper question is: how could he do it at all, I'll add: how could he possibly do it so fast? Remember, he was walking along, and he wasn't doing that. Then he was shot. And then .3 second later, this image was taken:

Remember that Oswald was just walking along. They all were. Oswald did glance over at Bookhout before Bookhout made his move. 
But, only Oswald did that; not Leavelle and not Graves. And once Bookhout started going, Oswald kept his eyes straight ahead and did not react in any way. 

That is right before the shot went off, and I mean like a frame or two before. You can see where Oswald's left hand is, where it often was, including when he was in the doorway: clasping his right hand. It was his habit to do that. So then, the shot goes off, and we are supposed to believe that in .3 second, he made a hammer fist with his thumb on top, and then slapped his whole arm against his chest. 
He also, supposedly, thrust his right hand forward and bent his right knee, and he did all that in .3 second. But, we see no such thing in any film. Even in the Newsreel, which is the only film that features a Jackson lookalike frame, the hand is definitely not in a hammer fist:

That hand isn't even fisted. We can see the entire length of the index finger, which is extended. And that is supposed to be the thumb next to it, although it is too long and too straight. The thumb goes off on its own angle. It is in "opposition" to the other fingers. Having "opposed thumbs" is reportedly a key attribute that distinguishes us from the apes. So, that is not a human hand. But, the point is that it most certainly is not doing this:

But, the main thing I wanted to point out is how laughable it is to think that Oswald could get his aorta and vena cava blasted out, which meant that he had blood spurting from fountains inside his body, and yet he could do that, make a tight fist and slap it to his chest, and all in .3 second.

It's obvious that bpete does NOT agree with Sparta that only photo experts have the right to analyze photos because bpete is not a photo expert. But then again, Sparta contradicts himself because he claims to see this and that in photos too. The "photo expert" bit is just a card these guys play. They play it against me; they don't play it against themselves. But, this particular piece of photo analysis by bpete is extremely stupid on multiple levels: on the level of what we see in the photo, and on the level of what we know happened to Oswald and what he was capable of doing in the dire state that he was in. Plus, there is the simple question of why would he do it? Why would any abdominal gunshot victim, upon being lethally shot through the ribcage, respond by making a hammer fist and then slapping his arm to his chest? 

It is preposterous to think that any abdominal gunshot victim would do that, even one less critically hurt than Oswald. And that's what makes it so incredibly stupid. 

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