Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Don't you get it? The way the Kennedys match up in both Moorman and Muchmore proves that it was the same moment in time. It was a very dynamic situation- in constant flux. This particular arrangement of the Kennedys happened just once- for an instant. It didn't happen again. It is definitely the same moment in time. It has to be. And since it is the same instant in time, then the arrangement of the wheels (limo and bike) must also be the same instant in time and therefore the same arrangement. How could the Kennedys be the same moment and the wheels be another moment? That's crazy. The Kennedy arrangement only happened once. It is insane to think otherwise. And since we can clearly see that the bike wheel juxtaposed to the limo wheel is Martin's wheel in the Muchmore film, then ipso-facto, it must also be the same wheel in the Moorman photo. It simply can't be that the images match in regard to the Kennedys but not in regard to the wheels. What was captured with the Kennedys was single, unique instant in time. And since they match, it proves that it is the same single, unique instant in time that we are seeing in both. Therefore, it absolutely must be the same wheel encroaching on the limo in both. And it is Martin's wheel. It is absurd to think that it's Martin's in Muchmore and Hargis' in Moorman when everything else, including the Kennedys, match so well. It's the same capture. It's the same perspective. It is the same angle.

Look at this again because this Muchmore frame is like an x-ray that looks inside the Moorman photo, that gets beneath the thumbprint.

It is absolutely nuts to think that in Muchmore, Martin was way up and practically even with Hargis, but in Moorman he was way back- a long way behind. It is the same moment in time. The same moment in time. The same moment in time. The same moment in time. 


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