Saturday, July 8, 2017

Was the Altgens photo altered? It was taken at 12:30, and it was first shown to the public at 6:30 PM Eastern by Walter Cronkite. That's 5:30 PM Central. So, that allowed 5 hours to alter it. 

But, the ultimate means of determining whether it was altered is to look for evidence of alteration. If you find it, then you know it was altered. And nobody's claim of a timeline makes a whit of difference. It's just lip-flapping. 

So, let's look for evidence of alteration, starting with this guy.

Physics and common sense tell us that visoring one's eyes with one's hands cannot possibly blacken out the entire face. We have all been looking at photographs our whole lives, including photos of people visoring their eyes with their hands, and we have never seen another photo like this. This is one of a kind. It is unique in the annals of photography.

But, just to be scientific, we need to go there and reproduce the conditions and reproduce the picture. Well, I did.

My surrogate for Black Hole Man was standing in the same spot that he stood. It was November 17, so the same time of year, almost to the day. And the time was 12:30 pm, which was the same time. As you can see, his face was NOT shaded to blackness. The shadow extends about as far as his nose, and below that, the light is shining in. 

What this does is PROVE that what we see of Black Hole Man in the Altgens photo is an alteration. It isn't real. It isn't natural. It isn't photographic. They blackened out his face, thinking that the dumb rubes would never question it- even though they had never seen it before- neither in life nor in photography. 

And I think everyone knew that this was going to be result. I certainly knew it. And nobody is going to follow me to Dealey Plaza to conduct their own recreation of it because they know very well that they can't duplicate what we see in the Altgens photo.

Of course, there were many other alterations made to the Altgens photo besides this one, some of which I also proved in Dealey Plaza. The Altgens photo is probably the most altered historical photograph there is. And "probably" isn't strong enough a word. It is extremely unlikely that any other historical photo was altered more. And the JFK assassination is surely the most photographically altered event of all time.

There is going to be a reckoning because Oswald was standing in the doorway during the shooting, and that fact cannot be suppressed forever. And the people who did this- and not just the murder of Kennedy and the subsequent murders- but the people and institutions, both government and corporate, that have been lying about it for 53 years- and not just lying but really trying to force the ugly lie down our throats- they will have to be accounted for. There has to be cleansing. The JFK assassination lies go the very rotten core of what the American system has become. We have witnessed so much evil. The 9/11 attacks never would have happened if "they" hadn't gotten away with the JFK assassination, and I'm not talking about Islamic extremists. The invasion and destruction and decimation of Iraq, which was built on lies, would never have happened. The whole drive towards permanent militarism, which is to say permanent war; and the exertion of State control over what private, (which is to say corporate) media reports grew out of the JFK assassination. 

I know that a lot of Americans have the feeling that things are terribly wrong in this country- much worse than government and media let on. What will it take them right? Well, first and foremost is the need for truth. And, there is no better place to start than with the JFK assassination.  

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