Saturday, July 15, 2017

I pointed out that Robin Unger pegged this Muchmore frame as the one that corresponds to Moorman, and in it, Hargis and Martin are about even. Do they not have to be about even Moorman then, as well, since they correspond? 

But, let's look at his other pick for Nix.

This pick is just plain ridiculous. The idea that Mary would wait there for 3 hours only to have the Kennedys come very slowly down the hill, and stopping or practically stopping in front of her, but she passes on taking their picture, waiting until they are well past her?????  And in the above image, she doesn't even have a camera raised to her eye. So, how is she supposed to take a picture? WHAT IS WRONG WITH ROBIN UNGER?

But, let's look closer at this picture anyway. It definitely does NOT correspond to Moorman; it is definitely well after Moorman; but we'll look at it anyway.

Notice that Newman's arm is missing, like in Moorman. I figure they did that, on purpose, just to legitimize it in Moorman. What's the alternate explanation? 

Notice that Mary's girth is ridiculous. She was a young woman. She wasn't that big. She wasn't that broad. I figure they are using her as a screen there to block our view.  Did her coat really go practically to her shoes? Here she is in Zapruder:

So, it seems a little excessive to me.

What is front of Mary in the street? Is that supposed to be Martin's motorcycle? Why does it look so weird? Where exactly is the front wheel? I can make out one bike wheel, which I have circled.

But, when I look to my right, I just see noise. Photographic noise and clutter. I don't know what that is. And I have no reason to think that a motorcycle would be captured that way. Look at the one wheel. Look how close it is to the grass.

I see grass, and I see wheel, but I don't see any road between the grass and the wheel. To my eyes, it seems to go from grass to wheel, as though that bike was riding pretty darn close to the curb.

So, whose bike is that? 

But, Martin is about to appear on that contraption he is riding.

He looks very short, low to the ground to me. And his bike still looks weird and abnormal. Why? There is something fishy going on here. 

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