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Here we go again. The sworn testimony goes completely counter to the
narrative you're trying to push, so the individual must be lying. The
individuals that would have corroborated your claim that Oswald was
outside in the doorway during the assassination say that Oswald wasn't out
there with them, and you claim that they were hand picked by the WC,
including Oswald's biggest TSBD supporter, Buell Frazier. The only witness
that said Oswald might have been outside la later signed a statement that
he was not there. Therefore she must have been bullied? If you can see how
ridiculous your theory sounds, there's no hope for you. If Oswald was
standing in the doorway, as you claim, why didn't Frazier see him there?
Where did Oswald get that lunch he claimed he was eating in the Domino
Room? He didn't bring a lunch with him. Did he steal Frazier's cheese

The question that was asked of Oswald by a reporter in the hallway on
Friday night was "Were you in the building at the time of the shooting?"
Oswald's answer was "Naturally if I work in that building, yes sir." Now,
you explain to me how one can deny that Oswald stated he was inside the
building, and how one could interpret his statement to mean he was outside
at the top of the front steps of the building?

Why did all those people that were out on the front steps, and knew
Oswald, say he was not out there with them?

How do you know that Oswald didn't look down from the 6th floor window
prior to the shooting and see Bill Shelley standing outside? He was seen
looking out the window prior to the motorcade's arrival. Just because
nobody said they saw him looking directly down doesn't mean he didn't.
After all, your asking us to believe Oswald was outside in the doorway
without anyone testifying or signing a statement that they saw him out
there. You can't have your cake and eat it too. This is all just another
red herring, presented by Cirque de Cinque. 

Ralph Cinque: 

The testimony was cultivated and controlled. Don't you understand that they had to talk to the FBI before they talked to the Warren Commission? They were all questioned in advance, and if anyone said Oswald in the doorway he was whaled upon. There was NO CHANCE they were going to allow anyone to say they saw Oswald in the doorway.  IT WOULD HAVE EVISCERATED THE ENTIRE WARREN REPORT. So, they controlled for that. It was a controlled situation. 

And Buell Frazier is not and was not Oswald's supporter. He accused Oswald of carrying a long package which Jack Doughterty denied seeing when Oswald walked through the door at 8:05. 

Now, you get something in your head, Sparta: I do not accept the claims of Buell Frazier; I do not have to accept them; and you can't play them with me. And the fact that Carolyn Arnold changed from seeing Oswald at the doorway to not seeing him at all, that doesn't smack of intimidation to you? Why don't you think for a change? What do you think they said to her when she said she saw Oswald? You can be damn sure they weighed down on her fiercely. Carolyn Arnold was just a 19 year old girl. She wasn't Ralph Cinque. I would not only have held my ground, but I would have done so vehemently and fiercely, just as I would today. I know how to talk to the FBI. I've talked to them. I have called them, repeatedly, both in Austin and in San Antonio in regard to the crimes that were committed against me. They probably know me by name. There would have been no intimidating of me. But, "bullied" does not being to describe the pressure they put on Carolyn Arnold. 

And Oswald did bring a lunch, from Mrs. Paine's house, and he even said what it consisted of: a cheese sandwich and an apple. His wife confirmed that that's all he carried, his lunch. Why would he make up a story like that? There are remnants from a lunch like that. The Police could have gone to that lunch room and looked for the bag; looked for the apple core; looked for the wax paper; looked for the bread crust. And just think: if you were right, then they could have reported to the whole world that no such bag and no such remnants were found. But, they didn't do that, did they? 

And what, you didn't look at the photo I put up? 

YOU CAN'T SEE THE DOORWAY FROM THE 6TH FLOOR WINDOW.  You are just being ridiculous suggesting that Oswald saw Shelley from there. That is childish. That is silly. Do you not understand that Shelley was WITHIN THE RECESS of the doorway? That he was inside the cave?  So, it was impossible to see him from the 6th floor window. In fact, read his testimony. He claimed to be "back in the shadows." He said that the reason he can't be seen in the Altgens photo is because he was way back in the shadows at the very back of the doorway. So, how in the name the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost was Oswald supposed to see him from the 6th floor window? 

Oswald told police that he was out with Bill Shelley in front, and that is all that matters. 

And why didn't all those people who were out there with him not say they saw him? BECAUSE IT WAS FORBIDDEN TO SAY THEY SAW HIM. You couldn't say it. You weren't allowed to say it. All those witnesses were interrogated by the FBI before they spoke to the Warren Commission. The FBI was the filter. They were the pre-screen. They were also the Gestapo. 

Furthermore, some of them were working with the plotters, such as Shelley and Arce. They were directly involved in framing Oswald. 

THAT THE WARREN REPORT CONTAINS NO STATEMENTS THAT OSWALD WAS IN THE DOORWAY IS NOT ONLY PREDICTABLE; IT IS ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN THAT THEY WOULD NEVER HAVE ALLOWED IT AND WOULD HAVE DONE ANYTHING TO KEEP IT OUT.  And when I say anything necessary, I mean they would have killed if they had to. We are talking about a process that was preordained, predetermined, predecided, and preconfigured. It was the most corrupt, dishonest, and blatantly crooked investigation in the history of investigations. 

Furthermore, the photographic evidence trumps everything else, and we can plainly see Oswald in the doorway wearing Oswald's clothes. 

You need to watch my presentation on Alex Jones this week when it comes out. It is going to reshape the JFK landscape.  

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