Saturday, July 15, 2017

If those windshields are real, then why doesn't Cheyney have one?

Let's look at how the windshields got captured photographically.

So, there was metal molding around the clear plastic, and we're seeing that. But, look what happened when I erased part of the metal molding. 
Without the metal molding, there is very little indication of a windshield there. Look at the "color" above his shoulder then farther out. Is there any difference? So, it's the molding that amounts to most of the visibility of the windshield, not the clear plastic itself. 

But, in the Moorman photo, instead of a metal molding, we get the sense of thick plastic and no metal molding at all. 

And why nothing at all for Cheyney?

Why those arches, supposedly for Hargis and Martin, but not one for Cheyney? His motorcycle, including his windshield, was the same as theirs. It's the same photograph. So, why don't we see a windshield for him that is comparable to theirs? 

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