Monday, July 3, 2017

Robert Glenn knows about Jack Ruby, his innocence. Look what he wrote:

Robert Glenn Shit is so convoluted in Syria we can't even adequately identify all the proxies we've installed to topple a sovereign. I want to see Assad prevail. Assad is a legitimate head of state and I pray he prevails over this sick shit we are drilling him with. Gas attacks against civilians have been found to have been launched from either Iraq or Iran, Assad about as responsible as Jack Ruby.
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Ralph Cinque I agree. For goodness sake, our leaders are nuts. Assad was an eye doctor in London. An eye surgeon. He had a busy practice. He returned reluctantly to Syria when his father died. He really didn't want that life. But, they told him there would be chaos and anarchy and bloodshed unless he did. He hasn't gassed anybody, and he is not an evil man.

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